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"Down in the deep where Endarri sleeps/ unaware of the Luunwitch's scheming and the Solceress' distress/ her children grow weary and weep/ their tears crystal and lavender-sheen, break to the surface where the humans tarry/ amazed by these crystals and the power they keep, the humans cower, collect, and creep/ ashamed by their desires to steal from Endarri, the unaware guardian of humanity." -- Solitarian Song

Two Tone is an epic fantasy/adventure story with horror elements detailing the world of Endaria, the physical body of the world-mother Endarri. The world is divided into two factions:




Every living being is one or the other, never both, and is determined by the "tone" every living being naturally emits. Some people can hear these tones, but most go their whole lives without knowing their true tone.

And while the factions almost never agree, on this one law they can: never can there be a "two-tone" being, for it surely would bring doom and destruction onto the peoples of Endaria. So what does it mean for the peoples of Endaria, and the world-mother Endarri, when this law is broken not once, but twice?